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PROMPT© For Speech Production

Children’s Speech and Language Services, with offices in Falls Church and Springfield, Virginia, is proud to offer PROMPT© treatment. The PROMPT© system uses tactile-kinesthetic-proprioceptive input (in addition to visual and auditory cues) to support, develop and improve speech production and increase daily functional communication.
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Feeding Therapy

Our offices have feeding specialists who both evaluate and treat children who present with feeding difficulties including: transition from G-tube to oral feeding, poor weight gain, difficulty with texture transition, difficulty swallowing, food refusal and feeding aversions, and oral motor delay.
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Language Therapy

We provide language therapy for children presenting with delays in their acquisition of receptive and expressive language in the areas of semantic language, syntax and morphology, and/or social/pragmatic language skill. We address problems with processing auditory information, phonemic/phonological awareness, and executive functioning. We provide language stimulation and parent coaching.
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Children's Speech and Language Services

We are the leading PROMPT© experts in the Mid-Atlantic region.

PROMPT© Presentations

-View a September 2012 video presentation produced and edited for the PROMPT© Institute by Ginny Hemmer, Clinical Director-Springfield.

-View our PROMPT© Therapy Clips

Fast ForWord® Summer Computer Camp

Our Fast ForWord Summer Computer Camp is held each summer at our Falls Church location for children having difficulty with auditory, language and reading difficulties. For 6-9 weeks, early June through early August, children attend 2 hours daily, 5 days each week.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are offered on Fridays, at our Falls Church location, for children ages 3-12 years. These groups focus on social language skills and social interaction skills, ranging from turn-taking and playing cooperatively to conversational skills and perspective taking.

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